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hecka boot$y

That time I had Roscoe’s for breakfast
4,5,6, & 7

My homie and his little bro wanted a cut, so they came thru. I went downstairs to find out that my fam’s been cleaning the whole house for my little niece’s party tomorrow after her baptism. I helped a little, then dropped of my sister to work. Then went to cut my homies up. We got done around 5. Then we got ready for my homegirl’s younger sister’s birthday party. All the homies were there, we had a drink. Food was always excellent. All the celebrant’s friends were there. I felt hella old being there. I noticed one person was missing from my circle of friends. She’s usually present whenever we’re all kickin’ it. And there was this beautiful female at the party, she’s really light skinned, short and petite filipina girl. Then I found out that she was the celebrant’s older cousin, and that she was a senior, in high school. Damn son. So I left and went to work. Work was dead as fuck. Got home then knocked out.

Woke up and got ready for the festivities of the day. Had a fam party for my niece, my aunt made kare-kare and dinuguan. They were dank as fuck. All my fam were there.
I have never seen my backyard that clean before. We went to watch 47 Ronin. Man that movie was dope, it was slow at first but then it picked up. The acting was alright, a little corny but it had meaning to it. Shit was soo funny cos my homie hated the movie, the look on his face was fucking priceless. He was soo disappointed. Then went to babies r us to buy my little niece a present. Went back home, ate a little bit. Then knocked out.

I was suppose to leave my pad around 2 but my sister just had to ask me for a ride to work again. So instead I left at 3:30. I kicked at my homies pad, that house is like the headquarters, after I dropped off my sister. We had planned a dinner with just me, 2 of my homies and 2 female coworkers of our. We thought that they were gonna flake so we just invited the other homies and their girls but then they didn’t flake so we all ended up going. Man I am really tryna get it in with one of my female coworkers. If only. One of my homie’s gf showed up out of no where, which was kind of a suprise.
Then we went to the brewski’s after, had a beer and played pool. After we headed to the HQ. We had one of those bro talks that night. Went home and knocked out.

Woke up got ready for work. Got some chick-fil-a since I’ve craving that shit. Work was fucking shitty. I had 2 call outs. And they were my main closers, I was stuck with new people. 1 of them was their first day, the other one was filling in for one of the call out, but she had never closed before. And the other one is trying her best but she needs work.
Got off and now I’m home.


Got up, showered, then gave my homie a cut. Got ready for work, dropped my sister at work. My supervisor was being a dick, right when I arrived at work he went up to me asked are you gonna blow your labor again? But anyways, I got off work, my homies cousin was in town from SF, so I had to stop by and say wassup. Left and bought a
burrito, then went home.


Woke up, got ready for work went to work. Man, work has been fucking dead lately. They sent me home early, went to Esco to meet up with my homegirl, and we went to the casino to get our buffet on. Got home to see my package has arrived. I must say today was a chill day.


Alright so since its a new year, imma start something new by talking about how each day went so when I reflect back to what I did, I can just go check my shit.

Last night was fucking sick, the homie johnny and I went up to LA for NYE. We went to white wonderland for the countdown, and johnny’s ex was with us too. So after that we went to the balcony in Irvine. We got free drinks, took like 3 straight shots of patron and then had a couple of beers, I was donzo after that. Then we went to this 24 hour pho spot, fuck that shit was soo dank, I couldn’t finish mine cos I wasn’t feeling good. So I just took that shit to go and laid in the car. Then I don’t really remember anything after that. Drove back home when we got back to johnny’s pad. This was around 5:30-6am. Woke up around 2, showered, dressed for work, then went to work.
Fuck man, only if vangie (coworker) was single, I’d totally date her, I’m tryna get it in though, and she fine too. She’s thick and cute. So that’s it.